Products & Services

The core area of interest is, and was, VoIP solutions based on OpenSIPS.

OpenSIPS solutions from Smartvox included high capacity Registrar services, NAT detection, smart routing (including LCR and load balancing), integration with external applications, header manipulation, CDR generation, failover and HA clustering.

Security and prevention of Dial-Through Fraud was at the heart of all Smartvox solutions. Our Smartconnex transparent SIP Proxy, built with OpenSIPS, could be used as a dedicated unit integrated within the ITSP’s infrastructure or as a cloud-based SIP firewall to protect an existing IP-PBX. We also offered advise about configuration and protection of Asterisk solutions to make them more secure. Read more about VoIP security here. Several bespoke Asterisk solutions were developed too.

Experience deploying SIP Proxy solutions allowed us to develop extensive expertise in VoIP-friendly firewall configuration, network design and handset configuration.