Privacy Policy

Smartvox Limited does not share customer data with third parties.

Smartvox Limited does not send out marketing emails or make speculative phone calls designed to boost sales.
From time to time we might contact past customers to advise them of important business information such as when our business address changed or when our pricing structure changed (which has happened no more than three times in the last 10 years). Our current marketing campaigns are all passive – i.e. you are welcome to search in Google or visit our Facebook page where you can choose to read what you find or not. The only active marketing campaigning tool we have ever used is Google’s adwords – and that was many years ago. There are no plans to revise our current marketing strategy.

Smartvox Limited makes every effort to keep customer data secure. In particular, we do not put backup copies onto cloud services. All backups are kept on physical media which is stored securely at UK premises.

The Smartvox web site and knowledgebase/blog both use Google Analytics to gather anonymous data so we can get general trend reports to allow us to analyse which pages get the most visits and whether the number of visits is going up, or down or is steady. This allows us to understand our audience’s main areas of interest and know what type of information is most likely to be of interest in the future.

If you have any questions about this policy; or if any past or present customer wishes to know what data we hold about them or their business; or if you are a past or current customer of Smartvox and would like us to delete some or all of the data we hold about you or your business, please contact us on info (at)

John Quick,   May 2018