Clustering OpenSIPS using Pacemaker

At Smartvox, all of our biggest clients are VoIP Service Providers who need their SIP-based services to be resilient and robust – able to keep working despite some random hardware failure or accidental tripping over the lead in the server room.

Systems that have built-in resilience are often referred to as “highly-available” and they make particular use of clustering methodologies. In IT, a cluster is simply a group of inter-connected servers that behave like a single system to provide high availability or load sharing. Widely used in the world of Linux is the ClusterLabs stack comprising Pacemaker and Corosync. If you are interested in learning more about using Pacemaker with OpenSIPS then please have a read of this new article just published in the Smartvox Knowledgebase:

Using ClusterLabs Pacemaker with OpenSIPS